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St Anne's Church, Woodplumpton.

Serving God's people in the heart of rural Lancashire

Photograph of the Chancel and Sanctuary - Easter 2008

Photograph taken by Richard Hazell

The Church exists as lots of separate communities—but in fact they are all one church. The Church is formed around a person—Jesus of Nazareth, who lived on earth around two thousand years ago. Jesus’ time on earth was spent as a teacher, a preacher, and a healer. His message of universal love was rejected by those among whom he lived, to the extent that he was arrested and executed by being crucified. But Jesus rose again from the dead, never to die again! He was seen and witnessed by several hundred of his followers after his resurrection. Christians believe and understand Jesus to be God himself, God in human form; we also Have his Spirit as our constant guardian and guide through life, inspiring us as we journey to our true home in heaven. When we meet on a Sunday (or on other days) it is for this reason—to celebrate the fact that Jesus has conquered sin and death, and that we can look forward in our lives without fear. We meet together to worship God, to celebrate our faith, and to give praise and thanks to God for his boundless love for each and every one of us. 

We worship God by doing as Jesus commanded us to do the night before he was killed—with his friends he took bread and wine, and offered them to the Father with the words ‘This is my Body—This is my Blood.’ ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’ This command is obeyed here every Sunday as we celebrate the life-giving presence of Jesus Christ.

 In addition to our worship, there are opportunities to come together and meet socially. The Church has a flourishing social life, with meals, events, concerts, and activities for different age groups. There’s something for everyone! We especially offer the Emmaus Course—a weekly get-together for people interested in learning more about the Christian faith. You have a standing invitation! 


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